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D4Ag ™ - Digital Records

Dbuntu Data for Agriculture a simple mobile record keeping and farm management suite that fosters data-driven decision making and empowers small, medium, and large farms in Uganda & East Africa to optimize their food production and improve their productivity/performance.

Our mission is to help farmers who want to grow their farm commercially but have limited time & resources

Value Chain Mapping

Efficient produce aggregation & procurement services for grains, fresh produce, and many more commodities across various markets in Africa.

Our awesome features
Genetics + Analytics

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality breeding analytics services to our customers for as many animals as are available with great discounts for bulk orders.

Our awesome features
Market Data

Alternative real-time market price data feeds & analyzed insights on overall market trends, news, as well as an order book with current buy/sell (bid & ask) orders available.

Our awesome features

Pricing that fits every stage

Whether you are just starting or have a growing enterprise

For anyone to get started with commercializing their farm
UGX 80,000 / month
  • Livestock Database
  • Milk Sales & Distribution
  • Vender & Employee Management
  • Bulk Payment Processing
  • Financial Statement Generator
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For anyone serious about taking their farm to the next level
UGX 1,000 / cow / month
  • Individual Lactation Curves
  • Food/Pasture Management
  • Breeding/Curling Scheduling
  • Cow Pedigree Analysis
  • Cow Profitability Analysis
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